Zifnu Electronics LLC
Zifnu Project - WS2812b RGB LED Illuminated Stash Box

If you need a place to put things that you may want to find in the dark, then this is the project for you.

Also just a cool, unique item that would make a great conversation piece or gift.

All the files and details are below. Please download, modify if you wish, and build something awesome.

Main Project Components:
Control Board Details:
  • Microcontroller: Microchip PIC16F1455 (USB)
  • Battery Charger IC: Microchip MCP73831
  • DC-DC Boost Regulator: Microchip/Micrel MIC2876
  • Switches: 1 Reed, 3 Tact
  • ICSP Header: Yes
  • Extra I/O: Yes, RA5 & RC4
  • Source Voltage: 3.7v (nominal - from Li-Ion cell)
  • Boost Voltage: 5v

Project Video

WS2812b RGB LED Lens Breakout Boards

Control Board