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Zifnu.com Privacy Policy
Let's get straight to the point. We are only collecting minimal data about visitors to the zifnu.com website, and we are not going to share, sell, publish, or use your data for any other evil corporate purposes. We at Zifnu dislike that trend as much as you do. We just want to get to know our fans a bit better. Going forward we hope to use this data to provide you with a better experience on zifnu.com and to help us operate, maintain, and improve the services and products we offer. Read on for more details.

Note: By accessing/using our site via any device or service, you consent to our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to modify or augment this policy at any time. Your continued access/use of our site constitutes your ongoing consent.

Data we collect:
We aim to only collect the bare minimum data. At the moment data is colelcted via two methods, a volutary form for submitting your email address so we can notify you when the Zifnu Rocket Kit #1 campaign on Kickstarter goes live, and we are currently taking the base level Google Analytics offering for a test spin. This may change in the future, and if it does we will update this policy to specify any changes.

Data we collect automatically, or via the email submission form, may include your email address, ip address, browser type and language, system type, referring URLs, date and time of visit/submission, and actual time spent on our site.

Data we share: